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Season 4 of OUAT - My Predictions: “The World of Stars”

The season opens with Storybrooke. Characters begin to notice a strange chill to the air and frost on all the vehicles. Esla arrives and forces winter on the town, and reveals a past rivalry with Regina. They set themselves up for a witch-fight in front of the clocktower.

Suddenly Henry points up into the sky. Visible amongst the clouds is a triangle shape- It’s a Star Destroyer in a low orbit above the town. Tie Fighters begin to fly down towards the town. “It’s another realm- the realm of stars!” Exclaims Blue. Everyone runs for cover, Elsa and Regina’s differences are set aside for the moment. The Snow Crew gathers and tries to discuss what’s going on- but Henry and Emma know.
The Empire has traveled across the realms.

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I want this tea set. Even if I don’t drink tea. I. Just. Want. It.image

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Farmer Plays Lorde’s ‘Royals’ Till the Cows Come Home

This farmer has udderly moo-ving musical talents.

Farmer Derek Klingenberg serenades his cattle by playing the pop hit “Royals” by Lorde on his trombone. The dulcet tones of his brassy instrument call his cows from clear across the horizon for an all-bovine concert.”

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You win the internet dude, it’s all yours!!!

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when u wake up feelin productive


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Lightsaber  battles  throughout  the Star  Wars Saga

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